Beyond Discounts – The Hidden Benefits of Cashback on Home Furniture
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Beyond Discounts – The Hidden Benefits of Cashback on Home Furniture

The after-Christmas clearance is full of eye-catching accessories, furniture, and decor. Get cash back on your purchases with a top credit card for the best deals on must-haves.

Many furniture stores will let you finance the purchase of your new furniture for 36, 48, or even 60 months. That way, the furniture is less expensive, and you can pay it off within a reasonable timeframe.

Reduced Shipping Costs

Paying in cash is a good idea for furniture purchases, whether buying new items or replacing old ones. It allows you to avoid any interest charges and gives you the upper hand when negotiating with salespeople, and it also helps you control your spending habits better. A credit card offering 2% or more in cash back is another great way to make your furniture purchase more affordable.

If you plan to pay for your furniture with a credit card, keep your balance below 30% of its total capacity. If you can’t do that, consider paying off your balance as quickly as possible to reduce finance charges.

To save money on shipping costs, look for items that fit into a box close to the item’s dimensions. In some cases, the shipping service company may offer a discount for boxes that closely match the product’s dimensions, so it pays to shop around to see what discounts are available.

If you’re prepared to pick up the boxes at the store, many furniture stores also provide free or heavily discounted packaging supplies. Online discounts that provide a discount on packing supplies are also available. By taking advantage of the reduced rates that shipping firms give to regular shippers, you can reduce the cost of shipping. For other offers on how to receive cashback for your furniture, click here.

Free Gifts

Suppose you sign up for their email newsletters. In that case, the furniture shop will often offer exclusive coupons and discounts that you can use to score significant savings on home furniture, bedding, accent decor, and more. You can also find great deals at eBay and other online retailers. And if you’re lucky enough to score one of their promo codes, you can save up to 50% off the regular price.

Retailers frequently offer gifts to customers that exceed certain purchase thresholds to boost sales and improve customer loyalty. In addition to being a powerful upsell tool, this strategy is also an excellent way to generate buzz and encourage customer referrals. Promoting these offers strategically on social media, via email campaigns, and with website banners and pop-ups to increase their effectiveness is essential.

To make the most of your gifting strategy, it’s crucial to meticulously evaluate the gift options you’re providing and handpick items that complement your brand and strike a chord with your intended audience. You’ll also need to communicate the rules and conditions for qualifying for the gift, including minimum order values or specific product requirements. Finally, you’ll need to optimize your checkout flow so that the offer is easy for customers to access and redeem.

A dedicated free gifting app can help you streamline the process and ensure your promotional offers are as effective as possible. This tool will increase your conversion rates and enable you to provide a seamless and personalized shopping experience for your customers.

Using a free gifting app to offer complementary products and add value to your e-commerce store will boost sales, increase customer engagement and retention, and enhance your brand image. So, don’t hesitate to take advantage of this marketing tool, and you’ll soon discover how well it works for your business!

Earn Cash Back

Putting large purchases on credit cards can be expensive if you don’t plan to pay them off quickly. That’s why some experts advise consumers to avoid putting furniture (or other significant items) on credit. But if you can make a solid plan for paying off a furniture purchase on a card that earns cash back, then doing so can help you save money.

For example, a home goods credit card s can earn you cash back on purchases at furniture stores and other businesses, plus it comes with a 0% introductory APR on the first $7.5K spent in the first three months. Plus, you can earn redeemable rewards for gift cards or cold hard cash.

Another way to score furniture discounts is by using a cashback shopping site and browser extension. Google search feature displays coupons and cashback percentages next to results for easy access to savings.

When securing even more savings, you can earn cashback using a furniture credit card with a rewards program with bonus categories for home furnishings and other items. For instance, the AARP Visa Card for Members gives you 3x points simultaneously as other cards and a free second membership, plus discounts on travel, restaurants, and more.

Other options include a rewards credit card that lets you choose which categories get 5% back every quarter. Get ready to maximize your earning potential with the Citi Double Cash Card! Enjoy the benefit of earning 5% cashback on up to $2K in combined purchases each quarter in two categories of your choice. It’s a smart choice for anyone who wants to earn cashback rewards confidently.